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At the core of my work is a simultaneous reverence for and anxiety about the incredible instability of the world. I am particularly interested in the awesome volatility of representation and/or meaning -- in the way that both signifier and signified shift, constantly and contextually. My visual art investigates walls, windows, and painting as sites of this instability. My most recent work -- drawings ironed into fabric and washed off of walls -- deals with erasure and absence. The fabric drawings, which are created using only spray starch and an iron, promise/threaten to disappear given enough time or humidity, flattening like creases in a t-shirt over the course of a day. The wall drawings both hint that something else (bricks, a window) could be (or could have been) right there, on that wall -- that the wall had other possibilities -- and promise that they themselves will be gone before the next show is installed. The videos of their erasure argue for erasure and absence as records themselves, and as acts with as much value/beauty as creation.

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