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ECHOES #1-25

In a corner of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, just off the main medieval art gallery, there is a small room ending in an apse with a 12th century Catalonian fresco. In a 12th century church in Catalonia, Spain, there is an apse that once held the fresco now in the MFA. Now, rather than paint and plaster or bare walls, the church’s apse holds a photographic reproduction of the fresco. The gallery recalls the church with its empty apse, and the church recalls the gallery in the MFA.

Echoes recalls both.


The works in Echoes, images drawn from the gallery, transform my installation space into a space that corresponds to the gallery. My work is a record of and response to my experience in the MFA; a collapsing and reverberation of the three spaces; & the creation of a new space in which a new experience is created.


Echoes #1 -25 is accompanied by a paper of the same name, which can be found here.

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