A person wearing all white stands in front of a white wall with bricks drawn onto it. The person in all white is erasing the drawing.

At the core of my work is a simultaneous reverence for and anxiety about the incredible instability of the world. I am particularly interested in the awesome volatility of representation and/or meaning -- in the way that both signifier and signified shift, constantly and contextually. My current work investigates walls, windows, and painting as sites of this instability.

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Marissa Klee-Peregon is an artist based in Kalamazoo, MI. She received her BA in studio art & art history from Wellesley College in 2016, and is currently the Post Baccalaureate Art Fellow at Kalamazoo College. She spent the summer of 2018 as a resident at The Birdsell Project in South Bend, Indiana, where she created the first version of this installation. She doesn’t paint, but she calls herself a painter, and she makes a lot of art about walls.